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Joplin’s Welcomes "DANFORTH" to His New Home

At the sanctuary we continue to be amazed at the level of animal abuse we see and hear about. It seems like no animal or species is safe from potential abuse. Such is the situation with Danforth, a young rooster who was brought to us recently. 

NoT "OSO" lucky...

After the disastrous landslide near Oso Washington we at the sanctuary provided logistical support to a number of families and animal owners who were impacted by the disaster. Although we were not called to go into the “hill zone” we were able to transport feed and care for a number of animals that were impacted or orphaned by the slide.As the recovery efforts come nearer to a close and the rebuilding begins we have welcomed one survivor who was found on the perimeter of the slide area.  Despite efforts to try to ascertain who the original owner might have been, no one has come forth to claim a beautiful five or six year old Delaware Blue hen who we have named OSO in remembrance

of the victims of the event.

It is a "ducky" situation

July 2014

Today we were called in to help rescue eight week old Muscovy ducklings from an overcrowded semi-hoarding environment. We found that a pair of adult Muscovy ducks had been allowed to breed and hatch out eleven baby ducklings.  The baby ducklings were roaming free on the property and out into the street where on-coming traffic was both a danger and also at risk.  After reviewing the situation with the owners who also had other breeding animals on the property we agreed to take three of the ducklings and work with them to find homes for the others under the proviso that they would no longer be breeding animals on their small property.

The three ducklings pictured left have been tested for parasites and vetted to make sure they are healthy.  They will also be socialized (become comfortable around people) over the next four to six weeks and then put up for adoption. 
Please see the Adoptable Animal section of the website for further information regarding potential adoptions of these beautiful ducklings.

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