In another case, a two year old goat was abandoned when its owners’ house was foreclosed on.  They moved away leaving the goat behind.  The goat was rescued, received veterinary care and re-homed.


In this case a home owner moved away leaving four domesticated rabbits behind in a large outdoor enclosure without food and water.  The bunnies were successfully rescued, vetted and re-homed.


Jake a three year old Husky was dumped in downtown Bothell, WA with a torn ear and a badly broken back leg. 

He received appropriate vet care, rehabilitation in a foster home and then adopted by a loving family.


In 2012 we worked with a local rescue group (WASART), (i.e. Washington State Animal Response Team,

as well as other volunteers in the care and feeding of thirty nine horses that had been temporarily seized by a local law enforcement agency.  Over the next ten weeks the volunteers worked diligently to feed/water and clean each stall twice a day

as well as document health and behavioral issues so that the horses could receive the care they needed.  In the end the horses were  more socialized and were placed in appropriate homes based upon the decision of the court.



Abandonment cases:

Over the years we have worked on a large number of abandonment cases.  The cases include situations where the animal has been simply dumped or abandoned in a public environment or where owners have moved away and left their animals behind.  The following pictures are representative of the rescue work that we have been involved in.  In each case the animal received veterinary care, socialization and re-homing.


In 2012 we were deployed alongside firefighters to provide search & rescue, transport and logistical support for victims of

both the Taylor Bridge and Cashmere/Wenatchee wildfires (grass and forest).


 On a regional basis we have provided field support, transport and sheltering assistance for flood victims ranging from livestock
(horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs) to companion animals.  These deployments include multiple floods in Lewis County and

in Snohomish/Skagit counties.


After a major tornado struck Joplin Missouri on May 22, 2011 we traveled back to the affected area to provide sheltering support

to the over 1,300 dogs and cats temporarily living in a shelter organized and run by the ASPCA and the Joplin Humane Society.  

We provided primarily sheltering and logistical support for the group.  This included normal sheltering duties including feeding/watering/cleaning and exercising the animals.  We also assisted in providing transport support to various shelters in the

area as well as transport of over fifty cats and kittens to the west coast.


Oil and water were not made for each other...



We have also worked in the areas of field response, sheltering and logistical support in the aftermath of Hurricanes Gustav,

and Ike which struck Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas. Most recently the founders provided logistical support for victims of Hurricane Sandy which struck the Jersey shore and parts of New York State.

stunned - Shaken - shattered

and searched for...


The founders of Joplin’s Sanctuary and Animal Rescue have extensive training and experience in animal rescue endeavors. This includes work in response to natural disasters regionally, nationally and internationally. These deployments are in the areas of search

& rescue, technical rescue (i.e. rappelling, white water as well as slow water rescues), sheltering, field triage and logistical support. 

It has been through deployments with multiple regional and national/international rescue groups that the founders have gained their extensive experience and knowledge. The rescue efforts and deployments referenced below are meant to provide a background of

our combined experiences.


Hurricanes Katrina/Rita:  Search & Rescue, Sheltering and Logistical Support were provided by our founders in response to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005 in the weeks after these two major hurricanes which struck New Orleans and the surrounding areas.


In 2011, we were notified by a private party that four horses were being badly neglected in central Washington. In the days

that followed we worked with neighbors and local law enforcement to document the situation.  Once documentation had been gathered law enforcement was able to secure a warrant for the seizure of the horses.  The horses were then transferred to a local equine rescue group where they received necessary veterinary care and rehabilitation services. 

The horses were then re-homed and are doing well today.

earthquakes and Tsunamis: 

When two major earthquakes (9.2 and 8.4) struck the west coast of Chile we assisted for several weeks in the search and rescue, field triage and logistical support efforts three hundred miles south of Santiago along the coastline most affected by the tsunamis.  We worked alongside Chilean veterinarians and local support groups to rescue, reunite and re-home affected animals.

              For the love of


In June of 2011 our founder was contacted by a local rescue group (Pasado’s Safe Haven) to ask for assistance in establishing a temporary shelter and in-take procedures for over 50 cats that were part of a larger rescue taking place at a hoarder’s home in west central Washington. Collectively we worked together to set up accommodations including cages, bedding, food/water and systematic documentation for care and vetting.  Additionally in-take and isolation procedures were established to provide a healthy and quiet environment for the rescued animals.
Over the following months all of the cats were vetted, cared for and re-homed with the exception of a few who were returned to the owner as a part of the legal process.

Now warm and safe in their new homes….


Abuse/Neglect cases:

In 2009 The Humane Society of Missouri and U.S. Federal Marshals teamed together to bust up a large dog fighting ring that extended throughout the Midwest and Southwestern United States.  In total over 500 pit bulls were rescued.  In the aftermath of the bust, the dogs were brought to a central location where volunteers came from all over the U.S. to tend to them. The care program was organized and facilitated by the Missouri Humane Society who did a fantastic job. The rescued dogs became known as the Missouri 500.  As the federal trials drug on, the staff and volunteers continued to work with the dogs.  Routine feeding/watering and cleaning were provided AND most importantly socialization and love was extended to them for the very first time. In the end most of the dogs were relocated, rehabilitated and found new loving homes. The dog fighting participants were found guilty of various crimes and sentenced to varying terms in federal prison.

The following six pictures were graciously provided by the AP in conjunction with this case.

Animal Neglect, Abuse and Abandonment Engagements

"Our founders have also used our training and education to assist law enforcement, other rescue groups and private
citizens in cases involving animal neglect/abuse or abandonment.  The accounts and photographs below are but a
small sample of the various deployments we have been involved in the past."
These deployments are in the areas of search & rescue, technical rescue, transport, sheltering, field triage and logistical support.  It has been through deployments that the founders have gained their extensive experience and knowledge
The rescue efforts and deployments referenced below are meant to provide a background of our combined experiences.

Hoarding Cases:

In December of 2009, we were contacted by Harney County Save a Stray a wonderful rescue group out of southern Oregon who was asking for assistance in doing search & rescue, transport and re-homing of a large number of dogs and puppies on a property in Southeastern Oregon. We assisted Harney County Save A Stray in rescuing over 150 dogs and puppies off the property which was after the Oregon Humane Society initially removed 80 of the most docile dogs.

Through the help of a large number of rescue groups in Oregon and Washington the dogs were rescued, vetted and re-homed with only minor incidents.  The pictures below show the environment and some of the rescue/transport efforts as well as some of the dogs/pups after they were re-homed.

The dump is for garbage...not animals!



In another case, we were called to a location where the owners had vacated and left three domesticated cats behind.  The cats were quickly rescued, received appropriate food/water and vet care then re-homed.


In abandonment cases over the years we have rescued chickens, ducks and geese, cows, horses, goats and sheep, dogs and cats and even an emu or two.


When the BP oil rig exploded and caught fire, spilling millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico we deployed to

assist in spotting, capturing, and rehabilitation of the native birds, amphibians and reptiles in the area.

The following pictures represent some of the efforts related to the bird rescues, cleaning and release into new rookeries.