He stated he was going to break his rule as he wanted to keep this kitten due to his fighting spirit.  He also stated he was going to name him “Joplin” as he definitely represented the resiliency of the people in Joplin, Missouri.  Over the next couple of weeks the rescuer visited Joplin in the local veterinary clinic and the bond between the two was obvious and strengthened through Joplin’s final days of rehabilitation.

 Joplin goes for a ride.


Joplin, Missouri


Joplin being loaded for transport.


Joplin under the bean plant...

              For the love of


Joplin and the bumblebee...

Wanting to continue to help rescue animals in need (either from abuse, neglect, and abandonment or from nature disasters, Joplin and his owner have now begun a "joint venture").  The result is a small animal sanctuary dedicated to small livestock (goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese etc.) and companion animals in need.  Fittingly it is named after Joplin who demonstrated such strong resolve and affection throughout his ordeal.  The sanctuary is called “Joplin’s Sanctuary and Animal Rescue”. It is our goal at Joplin’s to provide both temporary and permanent homes along with rehabilitation services to animals in need.  We welcome your support in our continued efforts to make the world a better place for animals in need.



As time passed most of the 1,300 animals were reunited with their families or adopted out to new homes through a large weekend adoption event.   When the time came for the temporary shelter to close down, it was decided that over fifty cats and kittens including the tiny orange kitten would be flown in a small private  plane over 2,000 miles to the Seattle, Washington area.  One of the rescuers who had been working with the kitten was from the Seattle area and he was selected to accompany the cats/kittens and make sure that they received the necessary veterinary care throughout the fourteen hour trip. When the plane safely landed in Arlington Washington, the orange kitten and his companions were off loaded and sent to two local rescue groups for further rehabilitation and future adoptions.  As the kitten was handed over to the local rescuers, the rescuer who had been working with him in Joplin stated that he wanted to adopt the kitten. The rescuer stated that he had rescued animals all over the world and had always had a rule "not to bring any of them home" as he knew he would probably never stop if he did.

Find your inner power by helping animals!


It is now two years later and Joplin has continued to thrive.  He has grown from a very tiny fragile kitten to a beautiful mature fun loving two year old cat.

 A tiny cry for help...

meet Joplin

Here is his story...On May 22, 2011 a deadly tornado hit Joplin, Missouri killing 162 people and leaving thousands of people and animals homeless.

As rescue workers combed through the area

they discovered over 1,300 homeless cats and dogs.  A temporary shelter was established by the Joplin Missouri Humane Society and ASPCA to care for these tornado victims.


One of the smallest victims was a tiny orange kitten who was estimated to be two days old when he was found in the rubble.  He was tiny, obviously weakened by the ordeal and desperately in need of immediate care.  His weak mews however resonated with the rescuers and he was rushed back to the relief center. Over the next 4 weeks  he was fed fluids and nutrients with an eye dropper, one drop at a time to ensure that he did not asphyxiate. There were several times when the rescuers were not sure whether he would make it or not.  But he continued to fight and slowly gained weight, despite not eating whole food through the first month and a half of his life.