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It is important to understand that you can't safely put animals back onto a burnt landscape rapidly even if you are providing them food and water.  Oftentimes the ash, ground and surface materials will remain hot for a couple weeks, which can easily burn hooves and pads on the feet of dogs and cats.


Dumped rabbits (Eastern Washington) and guinea fowl (Snohomish County)

Lastly this fiscal year we were able to assist two families who were dealing with domestic abuse situations.  In both cases, we were able to provide a temporary safe place for their animals while they transitioned to a safe new environment.



The Transition

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Joplin's Animal Rescue

A non-profit 501(c)3 all volunteer animal rescue organization located in Washington State.

Mission Statement:  “Joplin’s Animal Rescue is dedicated to responding to natural and

man-made disasters in a variety of ways. We are highly trained and experienced in search and rescue efforts; field triage, evacuation and transport of animals affected by disaster. We also assist in temporary sheltering and re-homing efforts if necessary.”

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"Helping the Animals"

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This little guy was one of hundreds of animals we were able to help rescue this year.

Floods in Skagit, Snohomish and King County resulted in our team rescuing several flocks of chickens and ducks from flooded farms.  Ducks of course can swim, but they still need a dry area to eat, rest and be out of moving water.

We also were contacted by concerned neighbors and family members to assist individuals with early dementia on two separate occasions this year.  Fortunately the animals were in fairly good shape and we were able to implement support plans inclusive of one of our team members, neighbors and members of the local 4H club to ensure that the animals will be well cared for.

2023 also brought us into two situations where a large number of animals had been dumped.  In the first case, we believe approximately 50 domesticated rabbits were dumped in an eastern Washington rural area.   Over a three day period we were able to capture all of the rabbits and by working with several other rescues we were able get them the necessary veterinary care they deserved as well as good homes.

The second case involved the dumping of approximately twenty guinea fowl along a roadside in Snohomish County.  All were eventually caught and re-homed successfully.

Cattle grazing amongst trees before the fire.  Note the dryness of the land and the various combustible materials across the landscape.  This fuel load burns quickly and allows the fire to spread up  the trees with their dead branches creating a canopy fire.



"Helping the Animals"

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This transition allows us more time and freedom to respond to man-made and natural disasters around the country.  As an example this summer two of our associates deployed to Lake Charles, LA to assist in the search and rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

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Cattle eating fresh hay that we provided after the wildfire scorched the land.

responding in times of need

Joplin’s after eight years of successfully operating both  a single location sanctuary and animal rescue non-profit (501c3) has made a transition to a new operational model.  We have closed down the single location sanctuary while successfully moving all the animals in our care to new loving adoptive homes or to other sanctuaries that we are aligned with.

Our 2023 --2024 fiscal year ended on April 30th and it marked one of our busiest and most diverse years of rescue work.

Our team members similar to what they have done in the past helped on a number of Level 3 evacuations from wildfires on the west coast and hurricanes in the southeastern United States.

We also assisted rescue teams and families in the aftermath of floods and wildfires, providing search and rescue assistance as well as necessary food and water to their affected animals.



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