This is a photo of one of over 200 chickens living in horrid filth and living conditions.  They were eventually surrendered and we adopted them out to a number of farms, where their lives were much improved and they were able to live healthy lives in the fresh air.

We also assisted two health departments in dealing with cases where the owners were sadly showing early signs of dementia.  We were able in those instances to work with neighbors, 4H club members, and our team to put together a plan for long term assistance to the owners and their animals.

Without your support, these types of engagements would not be possible.  Thanks again for your interest and support of our work.  It is greatly appreciated.


Joplin's Animal Rescue

A non-profit 501(c)3 all volunteer animal rescue organization located in Washington State.

Mission Statement:  “Joplin’s Animal Rescue is dedicated to responding to natural and

man-made disasters in a variety of ways. We are highly trained and experienced in search and rescue efforts; field triage, evacuation and transport of animals affected by disaster. We also assist in temporary sheltering and re-homing efforts if necessary.”

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Over 4,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in the wake of these unprecedented series of storms.  Our task was to search through the piles of rubble and torn apart buildings looking for cats, dogs and/or other surviving animal, providing triage as necessary and then transporting them safely to rescue facilities.


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"Helping the Animals"

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In regards to our work with law enforcement and health departments this year we had several cases where we assisted in the rescue of animals in hoarding situations including one where there were a large number of poultry as well as livestock rescued.

Joplin’s after eight years of successfully operating both  a single location sanctuary and animal rescue non-profit (501c3) has made a transition to a new operational model.  We have closed down the single location sanctuary while successfully moving all the animals in our care to new loving adoptive homes or to other sanctuaries that we are aligned with.

In April, May and July we responded to a number of tornadoes that ripped through Tennessee, Illinois, and other Midwest states.  We performed technical search and rescue endeavors to find, rescue and transport affected animals to temporary shelters and/or back to their rightful owners.


In 2023 we fortunately had a fairly quiet year in regard to wildfires.  We unfortunately though had a severe fire near Medical Lake, WA which burned over 200 structures, and resulted in the rescue of 22 animals that had a variety of burns on their feet and hair/fur.  Fortunately each of the animals survived with just minor scarring and long term affects.  They were in our care for an average of four months receiving veterinary care and rehabilitation treatments.

We had other wildfire deployments in Oregon and Northern California which required our assistance in Level 3 evacuations, but we did not have to shelter or temporarily foster any other animals this year.

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Our team members were able to locate, rescue and transport nearly 450 animals in the combined rescue efforts.  This young kitten and three of her siblings were safely rescued from this collapsed home.


Joplin’s Animal Rescue !


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This transition allows us more time and freedom to respond to man-made and natural disasters around the country.  As an example this summer two of our associates deployed to Lake Charles, LA to assist in the search and rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.