COVID CASES:  In 2021 we continued the work that we began in March of 2020 wherein we provided support to victims of the various Covid variants.  In total we supported 22 families by taking care of their animals while they were quarantined, isolated or hospitalized due to the virus.  In some cases it was merely walking their dog(s) twice a day.  In other situations it involved taking care of over one hundred farm animals every day for over two weeks.  That included feeding, watering, turning them out to pasture and working with veterinarians and neighbors to ensure their continued good health.

​WILDFIRE RESPONSES:  During 2021 our team responded to over a half dozen wildfires in Washington and California.  Our activities involved the evacuation and short term care of hundreds of livestock as well as companion animals along with their owners.  In Washington State our founder worked alongside other first responders on the Red Apple, Batterman, Schneider Springs, Cedar Creek and 25 Mile Creek Fire in Eastern Washington.  Likewise our two northern California associates worked for 46 straight days on the Dixie and Caldor fires that nearly burnt down the areas surrounding and into South Lake Tahoe.



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In total it is estimated that we assisted in the rescue and care of over 2,000 animals in those combined fires.

HURRICANE IDA:  When Hurricane Ida (a Category 4 hurricane) struck Louisiana and Mississippi in late August of this year two of our Midwest associates were already on the ground just outside of Baton Rouge waiting to deploy to the affected areas.  Over the next two weeks Hurricane Ida continued to impact the southeastern United States and northward up into New York and other parts of the northeast.  Our associates spent the next seventeen days providing search and rescue, field triage and transportation support for affected animals.  Working in conjunction with other first responders our team members were directly responsible for the rescue of over 500 companion animals and a large number of livestock.



NORTHWEST FLOODING: In late December major storms ripped through Skagit and Whatcom Counties as well as the southern part of British Columbia.  Record rainfall led to massive flooding and the death and displacement of thousands of animals in the region.  Our founder along with other first responders assisted in rescuing and moving large numbers of livestock to higher ground.  Unfortunately the recovery efforts were further hampered by record cold temperatures and snow the following weeks.  Recovery efforts are still on-going and will be for at least another month.   We are assisting in the purchase and delivery of necessary hay and grain to impacted farmers and assisting in the feeding/watering of displaced animals.  The photos below show current efforts of our founder and others as they deliver and transport the necessary feed to the floods’ victims.


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Joplin's Animal Rescue

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man-made disasters in a variety of ways. We are highly trained and experienced in search and rescue efforts; field triage, evacuation and transport of animals affected by disaster. We also assist in temporary sheltering and re-homing efforts if necessary.”

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KENTUCKY TORNADOES: In early December a large number of tornadoes struck the states of Kentucky and Illinois.  Over two hundred people were killed as one of the major tornadoes stayed on the ground for over two hundred miles.  Again our Midwest associates deployed immediately to the affected areas and provided search and rescue, field triage, transport and temporary sheltering support.  The recovery effort is still on-going forty five days later.  It is estimated that over 600 companion animals have been transported out of the affected areas and to shelters and rescues across the country.  Fortunately hundreds of other animals have been united with their families.

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This transition allows us more time and freedom to respond to man-made and natural disasters around the country.  As an example this summer two of our associates deployed to Lake Charles, LA to assist in the search and rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

Joplin’s after eight years of successfully operating both  a single location sanctuary and animal rescue non-profit (501c3) has made a transition to a new operational model.  We have closed down the single location sanctuary while successfully moving all the animals in our care to new loving adoptive homes or to other sanctuaries that we are aligned with.

SUPPORT FOR HEALTH DEPARTMENTS ETC : In 2021 we had the opportunity to work with several counties’ health departments on situations where animals were living in squalor, or had been abandoned by their previous owners.  In all cases we helped assess the animals well being and where deemed legal and appropriate helped remove the animals from their environments.  These situations are in some cases on-going and law enforcement involvement may be pending.  In others we have assisted in getting the affected animals into new loving, healthy homes.