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Facilities Construction and Maintenance...

"We encourage everyone to volunteer, whether it be volunteering with animals or in other areas. 

There is nothing like giving of yourself to someone or something that can’t ever repay you."
Written in appreciation for all the volunteers 
who have helped make

Joplin’s what it is today and will become in the future.

Socialization and Comforting...

As Joplin’s was being built, and later improved and evolved to meet new rescue needs the work of volunteers was invaluable in making Joplin’s the safe environment for both the animals and volunteers that it is today.  From back breaking groundwork to establish strong, well drained areas for each building… to hundreds of fence post holes being dug and over two thousand feet of fencing wire being strung… to continued maintenance of electrical, plumbing and irrigation to staining and painting of structures volunteers assistance has been invaluable.

"Volunteering at Joplin's Animal Sanctuary has provided me an exceptional opportunity of working in a hands-on environment with a variety of different animals who were not dealt the best hand in life. To not only be able to give these animals the care and love they need, but to also gain the knowledge of what goes into running a sanctuary is extremely beneficial for anyone interested in exploring the field of animal care/rescue. Every time I volunteer I find myself leaving the sanctuary happier than when I entered. You develop a connection with each individual critter and their unique personalities, and you can truly sense how happy and loved all of them are. No matter what your reasoning is in deciding to volunteer, know that a sense of fulfillment will be achieved when participating at Joplin's."

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 “What I value about the time spent at Joplin’s is that I recognize the planning and care that went into the development of the sanctuary.  The planning that provided access for folks with disabilities to learn about and interact with the animals.  Plus the planning that went into providing a home for the safe care of the various animals. The planning and care for the animals that are associated with families undergoing domestic violence.  The planning and care reflects the all-encompassing love for animals and people and wanting to provide a safe meeting place for them.”

Let your love help rescue!

“Our whole family has had a part in volunteering at Joplin’s. My husband and daughter worked on insulating the dog shed, which has now been used by a variety of animals including kittens and ducks. My daughters and I have worked to feed and care for the critters when there is a need for a helping hand. We have spent many hours socializing kittens and traumatized cats. The thrill is watching these critters respond to gentle care and love and become adoptable. It does my heart good to see the love and care these animals get and to know I’ve played a part (perhaps small) in helping these critters live a decent life. Volunteering at Joplin’s is more than just scooping goat poop…it’s the knowledge that you helped an animal live the life they deserve.”

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Joplin's Sanctuary is one of my favorite places in the world to be. I hope to have an animal sanctuary of my own someday and if I were to describe what I hoped it would be, I would nearly describe Joplin's.

With a busy job and many animals of my own, I often get stressed out thinking that I won't get everything done taking the time to drive 40 minutes to Joplin’s and back plus the time being there. But every single time I drive through that gate all of those worries and stresses go away and I immediately feel relaxed and thankful for the opportunity to see and take care of all of the amazing animals. 

The greatest part about the sanctuary is that it is obvious that all of the animals are happy, content and well cared for. It was apparent from day one how much the founder of the sanctuary truly loves and cares for each and every one of the animals under his care. To me, that is by far the most important part of any animal rescue. He has the knowledge, and the experience but best of all he truly cares about their well being, health, safety and contentment. Unfortunately from my experience that is not always the case (i.e. I've volunteered at many animal rescues over the years). I feel so blessed to have found Joplin's sanctuary and to play a small part in the animals’ lives there.


Over the past five and a half years we have written numerous articles for the website and our Facebook pages documenting Joplin’s rescue efforts in both natural disasters and in neglect, abuse and abandonment cases.

Much of the work that we do could not be accomplished however without the help of volunteers throughout the year.  We have extremely valuable volunteers who help us with marketing, website design, fundraising etc. as well as those volunteers who like to get their “hands dirty”.

This article is written to document the work the latter group does and the invaluable contributions they make to the sanctuary and the animals in our care.  Throughout the article we will be outlining a few of the “chores” and “activities” our volunteers have been involved in as well as providing you with some of their “thoughts” about their experiences and their impressions of Joplin’s.​

For volunteers who have been interested there have been opportunities to assist in a range of either emergency or periodic medical procedures.  Historically these activities have included but were not limited to hoof trimming and cleaning, cleaning/floating of teeth in horses and goats, trimming duck wings to restrict flight when necessary, giving vaccinations and de-worming medicines, tube feeding extremely sick animals, dusting for mites/fleas and even giving lime baths to animals rescued that were afflicted with ringworm.

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On a daily basis all of the animal areas are cleaned two to three times and every area’s food/water is changed or replenished twice a day.  One of the maxims that are definitely proven here is “everybody loves to eat and as a result everyone also poops”.

Basic Daily Chores...


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”Just like every person, each animal has a story. But due to a slight language barrier, an animal can’t tell you their story. You have to learn to care for them by developing a relationship with the animal and adapting to their specific needs. Their care takes time and hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun. By volunteering throughout high school, I have worked with some unique animals and I have learned that to them you’re more than the just a hand that feeds them.”

joplin's sanctuary in action

Welcome to Joplin's Animal Rescue

A non-profit 501(c)3 all volunteer animal rescue organization located in Washington State.

Mission Statement:  “Joplin’s Animal Rescue is dedicated to responding to natural and

man-made disasters in a variety of ways. We are highly trained and experienced in search

and rescue efforts; field triage, evacuation and transport of animals affected by disaster.

We also assist in temporary sheltering and re-homing efforts if necessary.”

One of the favor “chores” of our volunteers is simply spending time around the various rescued animals.  In some cases it involves slowly helping them become comfortable around people in all shapes and sizes.  These activities may include petting/brushing; holding/caressing as well as simply talking to and getting to know each animal’s personalities, needs and desires. 

Dependent upon when the volunteer is on the sanctuary grounds they may be helping get the animals up and turned out for the day or assisting in getting them back into their shelters for the night.  Note: there is nothing like herding a flock of ducks and/or teaching new arrivals the daily routines and making them comfortable with them and their new homes.


Medical Care and Attention...

Volunteering at Joplin’s...