For the love of


"tonto" the lone duck!

Adopt Him!

Tonto is an eleven month old Indian Runner Drake.  He was rescued about six months ago and brought to the sanctuary to provide him with a temporary safe and healthy environment to live in.  Tonto has now grown up to be a very healthy and active duck who loves to interact with the people who come into his environment to clean up and feed him. 

Tonto would be a great addition to an existing flock of ducks where he could interact with them and grow within a duck social hierarchy and environment. He is available now for adoption.  If you would like to come and visit him please contact us through our website’s inquiry form. Thank you in advance for your interest in potentially providing Tonto with his forever home.

You "Muscovy" have one or all three of these duckings!

We have three ten week old Muscovy ducklings that will be available for adoption on August 1, 2014. They are all young healthy females and they are well socialized and used to human interaction. If you are interested in adopting the ducklings please send us an email regarding a potential adoption. Thank you in advance for your interest in providing these sweet birds with a quality home.